Sep 192015

Recently we got a new follower on twitter called “Herpes News,” so naturally we checked them out. We’re always glad to support other people and organizations in the campaign to spread accurate herpes news and fight the stigma associated with it.

But this “Herpes News” wasn’t that at all! The posts on that account are nothing but a continuous stream of bad jokes about herpes interspersed with links to a website that sells a scam “ herpes cure” product. The jokes are all hurtful, mean, ignorant and perpetuate the stigma that herpes is bad, and the people with herpes are promiscuous “skanks.”

So we blocked them.

There is no place in our world for ignorant jokes that hurt and make people feel like their worth is diminished because they have a simple, common virus. That someone would call themselves “Herpes News” in order to sell a dubious product under false pretenses to people seeking relief and hope is disgusting to us.

Most disheartening is that they have over 1000 followers, and undoubtedly are duping some people into going to their website and ordering the product. Which means they’re probably making a lot of money by using deceptive practices and selling false hope of a cure.

The fight against such practices is ongoing for decades now. We can only hope that the people who spread real “herpes news,” accurate information, and rally against ignorant, uninformed humor and stigma will prevail in the long run. It’s a hard road, but we’re still here after all these years with our small voices raised in support for those who need it. Just say no to the bad guys!