Herpes Support Groups Online & Local


Herpes Support On the Internet and in Your Hometown

If you or someone you know is feeling hopeless and in need of immediate assistance, PLEASE call 1-800-suicide for live help and to talk it out.

The American Social Health Association’s STI Resource Center has a Hotline for people with questions about Herpes and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.  It’s open from 9AM to 8PM Eastern US Time: 1-919-361-8488


Herpes Support Groups ~ Local, Live, and In Person

When dealing with a new herpes infection, many people can be at a loss as to what to say and who to talk to about their feelings.  The American Social Health Association sponsors Herpes Support groups that meet in various cities in the US, Canada, and Sydney Australia.

Live Herpes Support Local Groups List


Herpes Support Groups ~ Online

HerpeSite began in 1994 as a resource for an online Herpes Chat group on America Online’s Health Channel, so we have a special love for internet groups and discussion forums.  For many people, it’s easier to chat online than in person… there’s more privacy and convenience.

The original AOL group has long since been disbanded by AOL, but there are many other options online these days.

We’ll be posting specific groups when we’ve had a chance to check some of them out again.  We recommend reading and lurking at a few herpes discussion groups, then joining in when you feel comfortable with the tone and content of the group.  If you find a group that you find helpful, please let us know so we can include it in a future update.

There are discussion forums and online chats available at PositiveSingles.com (*), a fast-growing dating site for people with Herpes with thousands of member worldwide.  Our members have had great things to say about their experience on the site.  Check it out and let us know what you think!