Mar 012014

Promising news about a new medication that may help reduce viral shedding and outbreaks! In an article published in the edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers reported that Pritelivir, an inhibitor of the viral helicase–primase complex, exhibits antiviral activity in vitro and in animal models of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection.

The study involved 156 people with genital HSV-2 infection. The study concluded that “Pritelivir reduced the rates of genital HSV shedding and days with lesions in a dose-dependent manner in otherwise healthy men and women with genital herpes.”

This is important news for people in relationships because a reduction in viral shedding and fewer outbreaks means a reduction in the risk of transmission of herpes to an uninfected partner.

Read the study findings and report at the New England Journal of Medicine:

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